Aquafeed Ingredients

In order to successfully approach the aquafeed industry with raw materials, feed additives, probiotics, anti-oxidants and taste enhancers, inside market knowledge is indispensable.

Market research

Capitalising on decades of experience in the aquaculture and aquafeed industry, Aquaculture Experience performs comprehensive market studies for aquafeed ingredient and additive companies. Our ultimate goal is to substantiate the introduction of new product-market combinations in this fast evolving market. Aquaculture Experience may also assist you in finding potential acquisition candidates and intriguing business opportunities in the aquafeed industry.

Fish and shrimp feed trials (R&D)

Aquaculture Experience understands the complexity of feed composition. We facilitate feeding trials, under laboratory as well as field conditions, for a number of aquaculture species including (but not limited to) seabass, seabream, trout, salmon and shrimp. Capable of organizing trial protocols, setup, research diets, on site supervision and reporting, Aquaculture Experience is a versatile and reliable consulting partner for your R&D department.

Below you will find an impression of some completed projects with aquafeed ingredient and additive suppliers. Alternatively, check out our complete portfolio.



Aquafeed market survey

Market survey on brewery-by-products for the European Aquafeed industry, AZTI, Spain. 2020.

Product Development USA

Technical/commercial advisor developing ingredients for aquafeed markets for Poet Nutrition, USA. Since 2020.