Our core business is aquafeed. Its formulation, programs, ingredients, production and quality. All of these aspects should meet the needs of fish, farmers and clients. A complex market to operate in. Aquaculture Experience will help you get on top of the game.

Aquafeed formulation and programs

Aquaculture Experience provides practical solutions regarding aquafeed formulations and feeding programs. We review and optimize your feed formulations, provide advice about the selection of raw materials and finetune your quality control. Aquaculture Experience also has a long track record in training nutritionists and product managers.

Aquafeed production

Aquafeed production requires hands-on experience in order to get ahead of the competition. After reviewing your aquafeed operation, you can expect an optimization of your production facility, a higher feed quality and an improved overall business performance. Aquaculture Experience also guides newcomers to the aquafeed industry in getting started. Whatever your starting point, we will get the maximum out of your feed mill.

Aquafeed sourcing and quality

Sourcing the most fitting feed program and selecting your preferred supplier requires market knowledge and a lot of time. Aquaculture Experience has a thorough knowledge of the aquafeed market and will help you source tailored feed for your farm. We take the quality of your feed program to the highest possible level, while you focus on growing your fish.

Please find an impression of some aquafeed projects below, or check out our complete portfolio.



Feed consulting Ecuador

Management, technical and commercial advice for shrimp feed company Agripac, Ecuador.
August 2017 – May 2024.

Feed formulation Greece

Feed formulation and technical support for aquafeed company Aquaholding, Greece.